Meet the Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon


With over 10yrs experience in Head & Neck cancer surgery, Dr. Nitin Tomar is the trusted voice for Head & Neck Cancer Management. Dr. Tomar’s clinical focus is on surgery for advanced Head & Neck cancer, Thyroid cancer, Salivary Gland Tumour & Facial Reconstruction. He has a particular expertise in Head & Neck Microvascular reconstruction.


Dr. Tomar has experience of more than 3000 successfully operated Head & Neck cancer using most advanced technologies like :

  • LASER in buccal mucosa & laryngeal cancer
  • Endoscopies of upper GI, Nasal & sinus to locator map the tumor for surgical excision.
  • Total Laryngectomy for Laryngeal cancer with voice prosthesis.

10+ years after our establishment, this sense of purpose and Commitment to making life better for people affected by Head
& Neck cancer continues at our centre today.


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